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What is MetaFora?

Our Story

What We Do

Somewhere around mid-2020, we came across Jay Zaveri’s “World’s Hardest Problems”. Those got us thinking – how do we innovate differently and begin to solve these?

Innovation is the alchemy that happens when creativity and passion and determination meet – with freedom. It is the result of ideas, both pursued deliberately but also through serendipity, accidentally, unplanned through conversations and experimentation – the microwave, the Post-it, penicillin, X-ray, Champagne, pap smear, Botox are just a few.

Is it possible to recreate this process of innovation? Is it possible to find the most innovative companies in the world? This is what we set out to do. 

We want to spark innovation through an exchange of ideas, thoughts, and knowledge to drive change. And through this process, we want to discover the right companies to partner with to solve the world's hardest problems. And then - how do we find the right people – the dreamers, the believers, the thinkers, the doers? How do we fund moonshots, maybe even from the ideas stage? 


In one line, this is what we do - we find and fund moonshots. 

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